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I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was young, and yes well into my 20s. However, my viewpoints and attitude have changed. If we never allow a person to become someone new, if we always judge them for something they did 30 years ago, what is the point of rehabilitation? What is the point of experience and growth and change? Who is he now is what I choose to look at. It takes a long time for wounds to heal, especially those of the heart and soul. I admire the commenters here who seem conscious of this and who also realize we are in the early stages of this part of the healing process.

Baby steps. Forward moving baby steps. Northam courted African Americans in Virginia and lots of African Americans worked on his campaigns and voted for him. As a BlackPAC canvasser went door-to-door in a majority-black Norfolk neighborhood on Halloween, voters mentioned crime, support for public housing, voting rights and the unfair criminal justice system as reasons they would be voting this year.

But one issue loomed above all. Sharon Williams, a disabled middle-aged woman, mentioned how her mother used to talk about the Ku Klux Klan when she was growing up. Williams thought the stories were just to scare her, until one day she saw some hooded men drive down her street. Also, read this article Feb.

They had questioned if the compressor station Dominion wanted to be built in Union Hill, was a form of environmental injustice. In January, the permit for the compressor station to be built was approved with the new board members. She said it is clear that allowing companies to build plants and pipelines in minority communities is a form of racism.

By: Deborah Azizi Powell on February 3rd, at pm. However, has he tainted the Democratic brand?

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Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, it will be only too easy to rub this in over and over. I pride myself in the fact that we Democrats walk a higher path and have righteous values. So, in theory I agree with Nancy, and I also agree that he will probably still have to resign, for all the reasons mentioned, having to do with the perception of him having been a racist and what could be more chilling than wearing blackface and standing next to someone in kkk robes?

The crap that women, people of color and queer people had to put up with is no longer acceptable for Dems in public office and I think people will see we take this seriously. This is pushing the needle culturally on what is and what is not acceptable. I think if the picture was just him in black face, it would not be such a tempest in a teapot. But since it is coupled next to someone standing in a KKK outfit that it takes on another dimension and makes it hard for some to accept.

Lina tarot february 2020

Governor or is that is a separate race in itself? If he chose him, that bodes well for Northram since Fairfax is African American. I agree with you all but remember that it puts the Dems st a distinct disadvantage when certain Republicans have no such moral compunction to do the right thing. It also looks like more trouble is coming for the Democratic administration of VA. A Democratic, African American, reputable female academic may be charging the Lt.

Is there just the one picture? Did he admit to being in the picture of 2 people and the next day deny it? Who brought the picture in his yearbook to the attention of the media? Where are the classmates that remember the incident?

WEEKLY TAURUS : You two are * amazing * together

If Northam was born around 10 PM Sept. His natal Nessus poison in Taurus is where transiting Juno partner and Sedna under water are. Is somebody trying to destroy his reputation for personal reasons? I do not know the story behind the picture and hope that someone who does and has someone who can collaborate their story will come forward. My first look at the picture gave me a shock but then I thought what if the people in costume had put on a skit wherein the Michael Jackson portrayer embarrassed or even vanquished the KKK person and coloring was used to give the skits result more impact.

If there was some other reason for the portrayals people who know what it was should come forward. If the reason is detrimental to Northam so be it.

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A slow-motion coup is happening in Virginia, right before our very eyes. Then, the neo-Confederate Republicans will take over, and be perceived as bringing unity to the state when they bring back those Confederate statues.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Sharon K that the Republicans have no such compunctions about ethics or notions about equality that Democrats do. Or, if a Democrat somehow manages to win the White House, the Republicans will still hold the other branches of government.

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  6. However, just as in , the Pubs will get their power through more dirty tricks. For those of who are hoping for a time when greater equality will be won, we are now seeing what we are up against.


    I see valid arguments on both sides of the conundrum, but to be clear, the dems better get their act together regarding a narrative going forward. Fairfax states that these charges had been brought up before during his initial run which he adamantly denies stated that the Washington Post looked into the allegations and could find no credible evidence re: the incident. According to Reuters the Virginia governor is NOT in the photo, but he admits he once dressed up as Michael Jackson and darkened his face for a dance contest.

    Does anyone have solid birth data Date, Time, Place of a known tRump supporter that they have permission to share. That is followed by the July 16th eclipse on his progressed Mars. At this time no one knows which staff member leaked the schedule, but it is interpreted as a pretty hostile and disloyal act. My jaw is on the floor, after reading the discussion above. There is simply no excuse. It does not matter what the political party was or is. When it is done by a white person, blackface is meant to disparage and demean the person and the race depicted.

    No governor should be there in office after something like this coming out in this day and age. Or at whatever age he was when it happened as long as it was after being teenager, which in this case it certainly was. No medical student has any business doing this nor would any judge or other official for that matter. Obviously, nobody vetted this governor before he got nominated. The guy should resign. I agree with the Pierce oped in Esquire that Sharon K linked to above. So, bring in the Lt. Gov, but be ready for the Repubs to attempt to disgrace him and get the Dems to throw him out, as well.

    June 30 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality | tingsacastphage.ga

    And then ask yourself how many people can stand up against that kind of dirty tricks politicking. How many more railroaded like Al Franken can we lose? I am so livid in such a soul deep space. I WAS having a great birthday today… until I read this. By: slightkc on February 5th, at am. This suggests strong potential for positive and expansive opportunities all through No birth time for Ms.

    Abrams, just December 9, in Madison, WI. The next day, he said he sat down and studied the photo for the first time and realized he was not in it, but he did dress up as Michael Jackson once for a contest and won it, and that included him in blackface and moonwalking. Now, I remember people dressing up as Michael Jackson with the single white glove and sparkly clothes and moonwalking, but not the blackface part.

    I mean, how many of us have ever seen someone in person in a KKK costume? I think it would be memorable. Northam can slink away for a cycle to lick his wounds, [……. And, on this day of 3 planets in Aquarius, including the new moon, per the quote Ja published above, magical things may happen. May God step in and, along with those of high-minds and high conscious, we will turn this thing around and save the planet yet. Unfortunately there is a lot of pain on this planet and on this plane.

    I was reading about a Republican who was mayor of my town when I was growing up who ended up on the NJ Supreme Court and is known for some of his decisions.