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It is termed as the planet involved the cusp through its star lord. Likewise, wherever sub lord of the planet appears in Cuspal position, it understood that the planet committed to the cusp through sub lord.

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The Sub Sub Lord of Sub Sub Lord of planet will declare the culmination of the involvement and commitment of the planet. That is, Sub Sub Lord of Cuspal Sub Sub Lord is a planet that gives hint of fruitfulness of the significationship of the planet for involved cusp s. It becomes fruitful significator of those cusps if the planet is favourably com mitted.

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Each succeeding period can enact an event only when it's proceeding Dasha Period Lord permits the event. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

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Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory Simplified and Enlarged

The Indian Astrology Group. An individual takes at a particular moment. It is merely not a moment or fraction of time. At this moment innumerable event were taking place in the entire cosmos. So necessarily that moment bears the impression of that event. If we have to decide the quality of that moment we will have to consider those events also but, due to our limitation it is quite impossible to know the exact cosmic condition at a particular moment. In this order, it is also a matter to understand that at the moment when a native was taking birth the entire cosmos was on the way of development.

Never again that unique point will be occupied by it. If we somehow understand the specialty of that moment, there is great chance of understanding the purpose arisen by that quality-bearing moment. At this point, astrology helps in understanding the quality of that moment.

If the efficacy of astrology is understood well, spontaneously we awe and fill with gratitude and bound to feel greatly indebted to our great saints who developed this great science. This is the very reason why exact birth time matters greatly in astrology because birth moment has to reveal the very purpose and experience in life of native.

Generally, it is understood that when a person takes first breath that moment is the exact astrological time of birth which is very difficult to note even by a doctor. For want of exact birth time, it is quite possible that all astrological analysis and predictions may prove wrong.

Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks by S.P. Khullar at Vedic Books

If we delineate their charts through rashi or navamsha chart, it is very difficult to make any significant difference. In Cuspal Interlinks Theory zodiac has been divided upto sub-sub level for practical purpose which is one step ahead of KP system of astrology. In vedic astrology which is known as Hindu astrology or Indian astrology, we generally use sign and navamsha. If comparison is made between these two systems of astrology, no doubt CIL is Micro astrology that studies the destiny aspects applying Advanced Stellar Theory which is deeply rooted in the very concept of astrology.

CILT based predictive approach is very close in analyzing the unique pattern of revelation of destiny and cosmic mind in the form of happening of events related to various walks of human life. A native comes across several experiences in his life and these must be exhibited in his astrological chart. If such things become possible to see in the chart, there is great chance of success in astrology. We also observe that no any action is independent. Almost there is a chain like relationship between one and another action.